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Real Estate software integration Products and Services.

Automate your workflow. Save time, money, and effort that’s better spent on growing your real estate business. Let us get your software doing the most it can for you.

Real Estate Accounting Integration

Real Estate companies use a variety of accounting software applications. Each application is unique and their functionality and setup comes in many forms. Real Estate Integrator is a product/service combination that we provide to Real Estate professionals that helps you automate and integrate the transfer of accounting data from generated from any real estate system and connect it with your accounting system of choice.

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Real Estate Customers/Vendors Integration

There are a myriad of software choices available today for a  Real Estate company to manage their relationships with customers and vendors. Most businesses use multiple software applications – some for CRM activities, some for direct mail and communications and some others for project management. We can help you integrate these disparate systems into one integrated process that   that makes sense for your business.

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Real Estate Marketing/Lead-Gen Integration

You may be looking for motivated sellers or for motivated buyers, or perhaps even a specific property. You often keep track of these through different systems.  Whatever your combination of marketing and lead generation efforts you use,  it often originates from multitude of sources. We can provide you an easy way to manage these various sources in one automated process. Not only that, but you can also get more from the data you’ve already collected.  Using the right approach, you can also leverage our integration technology so that you can to take advantage of the insights provided by big data.

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customization_guarantee_smallCustomization Services Guarantee

Aside from standard integration plugins we also gladly accept requests to build integration based on your specific needs. We provide complex, custom, unique, integration services that would satisfy every customer requirement.

money_back_guarantee_smallNo Risk Implementation! Success Guaranteed

We evaluate your unique needs and create a tailored proposal to deliver custom integration. We take full responsibility for delivery.  In the rare situation where we were not being able to deliver the integration service, we will refund the customer all invested fees. No Monthly Fees will be charged until the solution is implemented.

become_a_success_story_smallFree Automation Consultation Our Business Intelligence experts and our software experts are eager to speak with you about your unique real estate business situation and we’re ready to present you with various options as to how your unique business challenges can be helped with technology. We combine smart software, expertise to deliver smart solutions for every customer.

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Real Estate Integration Services Can be Performed for These Real Estate Verticals

Real Estate Investors

  • Builder Investors
  • Buy and Hold Investors
  • Consolidation Real Estate Investors
  • Crowdfunding Real Estate Investors
  • Land Development Investors
  • Note Investors
  • Rehab Flip Investors
  • Wholesale Investors

Real Estate Vendors

  • Property Management Companies
  • Real Estate Accounting
  • Real Estate Construction and Maintenance
  • Real Estate Educators
  • Real Estate Investor Brokers
  • Turn Key Real Estate Providers

Real Estate Software Companies

  • Integration Partnerships
  • Mobile Android Developers
  • Mobile iOS Developers
  • Mobile Window Developers
  • Real Estate Software Companies
  • Real Estate Software Entrepreneurs