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Offer Integration services to your customer base

Retain customers longer AND earn extra income by offering integration services.

While your customers enjoy, and use the services you provide, often they require integration of your services with other software they use regularly or have just acquired.

You don’t want to lose your focus by trying to accommodate these individual customer needs by trying to be everything to everyone. And, you don’t want to say not and risk losing the customer. What you can do, is. outsource the integration to us.

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The Benefits of Becoming an Integration Partner

You Can Increase Your Revenue by Offering Integration Services

You won’t have to lose your customers to competitors by not fulfilling this need. And you won’t have to offer something you may not have the skills to do. This partnership will help you to expand your offering with confidence and provide more for existing customers and possibly offer a competitive advantage over your competition.


You Will Retain Your Valued Customers for Longer

Customers with integrated solutions will be able to continue to grow with your system in place Therefore, they will remain your customers for longer and provide maximum lifetime value.

One connection with our platform opens infinite integration opportunities. Our solution will ensure that your company and system will be able to exchange data with other systems. So, you won’t lose customers because your system doesn’t “play well with others”.


Our Expertise Will Make You Look Good

Sell Seven’s cloud-powered integration platform is designed to accommodate most complex workflow integration needs.  We have integrated with more than 100 accounting, ERP, CRM, systems. And we continue to refine our integration services offering and process all the time.

Sound like benefits you and your customers could use?

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