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Asset BI – Your real estate asset management software platform

Free. Easy-to-use. Powerful. Innovative. Comprehensive. For the entire investor community.

Asset BI is an innovative real estate management software platform. The very first of its kind, Asset BI is designed to facilitate an entire real estate investment eco-system on one platform.

If you are an owner operator or play some other part within the growing real estate investment community, the Asset BI software provides you the necessary supporting infrastructure that your real estate investment business needs to be successful.

It might not be “sexy”, but it’s a powerful investment tool that you’ll want to have working for you.

Asset BI delivers:

  • Business Information helping you to manage, plan, report, evaluate, and make the best investment decisions possible
  • Broad Integration connect with your existing and future software applications to form one easy to use platform
  • Behavioral Insights information, data, trends, and opportunities to keep you ahead of the curve
  • Bold Investment identifying opportunities you may not otherwise find
  • Big Innovation until now, no one has created a software platform for the real estate investment community that is so comprehensive that it is its own eco-system

Asset BI benefits the entire investor community.

Are you an Investor?

You recognize a good deal when you see one. This free asset and investment management platform is designed to provide noticeable benefits for the real estate investor. Asset BI is a single real estate investment software system that will help you manage your real estate assets, relationships, deals, funding and financial reporting. Asset BI is designed to be simple enough to use when you’re just starting out, yet it is powerful enough to see you through to the management of a large property portfolio. Learn More

Are you a Vendor?

Visibility and service are paramount for the real estate vendor. Asset BI is designed to help you succeed at both. This integrated platform is designed so that real estate vendors can gain access to serious investors, with increased visibility and reduced response speed, Asset BI can assist you in providing enhanced service to real estate investors. And, we have a lot of exciting ways that we can work with real estate investor vendors in the works for the future, so be one of the first and don’t miss this opportunity to secure your visibility and service advantage.

Are you a Developer?

If you can develop Mobile Applications and Web Applications, then Asset BI can provide benefits for you. The real estate industry, specifically, the investor community, is in dire need of useful and innovative software solutions. We offer API’s to software companies and developers to innovate and create amazing technology for our user base. We’re pleased to forge the connection between user to provider, while applying our knowledge of the needs of this under serviced industry.