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Asset BI - Free Real Estate Investment Management Software
That Benefits The Entire Investor Community

Asset BI is your free, super easy to use, real estate investment management software platform. It is designed to facilitate an entire real estate investment eco-system on one platform.

It can benefit  all types of real estate investors and players within the real estate investing industry. Asset BI offers functionality to support any real estate  investment strategy.

Asset BI delivers:

  • Business Information helping you to manage, plan, report, evaluate, and make the best investment decisions possible
  • Broad Integration connect with your existing and future software applications to form one easy to use platform
  • Behavioral Insights information, data, trends, and opportunities to keep you ahead of the curve
  • Bold Investment identifying opportunities you may not otherwise find
  • Big Innovation until now, no one has created a software platform for the real estate investment community that is so comprehensive that it is its own eco-system

How Can Asset BI Help You?

If you are an owner operator or play some other part within the growing real estate investment community, Asset BI software provides you the necessary supporting infrastructure that your real estate investment business needs to be successful.

It might not be considered, “sexy”, but it’s a powerful investment tool that you’ll want to have working for you.

Here are a few areas where it can help to drive your success:

   Additional Analytics & Tools Make for Better Asset Management

real estate accountingAsset Management

You’ll receive asset portfolio analytics, KPI tracking, performance stats, goal setting, goal tracking, document management, value tracking, cash flow, ROI, NOI, and IIR stats through the:

  • Portfolio / Individual Asset Dashboard
  • Portfolio Asset List
  • Portfolio / Individual Asset Report

aquisitionAsset Acquisition Management 

It provides great functionality for wholesalers, flippers, and buy and hold investors so that they can manage the acquisition process, automate lead reviews, and conduct flip and/or hold analysis forecasts. You can:

  • Evaluate the acquisition of various assets
  • Estimate rehab / flips through the calculator
  • Automate your lead review process directly from

disposition-iconAsset Disposition Management 

Asset BI helps you manage the asset disposition process, conduct pre-sale analytics, prepare marketing and financial material, as well as, both external and internal listing distribution by providing resources for:

  • Asset Historical Performance Analytics
  • Marketing material for one or package
  • Internal/external sales promotion

asset-maintenanceAsset Maintenance

You can better manage the maintenance process,  set/revise ongoing KPI’s, track open and historical maintenance requests, estimates, invoices, and remittance with vendors. Asset Maintenance is better managed through:

  • The maintenance dashboard
  • The management of maintenance requests
  • Vendor work assignment/notifications

tenant management iconTenant Lease Management

Manage leases and tenants, set rent-related KPI’s, process Section 8’s, maintain lease histories, tenant analytics, and achieve better integration with Zillow and CL, by leveraging the

  • Tenants Dashboard
  • Lease Management
  • PM Assignment or Self Managed

document-attach-iconAsset Document Management 

Real Estate investing is a document intensive business. You can organize all documents based on events or by asset. You can also sync up with Dropbox and other cloud drives to remain current. Asset BI helps you to:

  • Upload and store asset documents
  • Upload and store asset related images
  • Sync with Dropbox & other drives and cloud based storage facilities.

   Improved Real Estate Business Performance Through Targeted Management Tools

vendor-manageReal Estate Vendor Management

The best way to work with property managers is to have an efficient process and a solid supporting system in place. Asset BI has vendor management functionality to better manage your real estate vendors –  property managers, rehab crews, builders, insurance companies, and even, tax and utility companies. Asset BI makes it easier to:

  • Manage Property Management Companies
  • Manage Rehab Maintenance Contractors
  • Work with Insurance companies, tax authorities, utility vendors.

home-repairReal Estate Rehab Management

With Asset BI you can manage your real estate rehab projects or estimate the deals. You can create a detailed estimate of materials and labor involved in each rehab project to use as a budget. Every successful real estate flipper will tell you that a detailed process, a defined budget, and consistency are all key to successful flipping. Asset BI can help you to:

  • Create define a house
  • Create a list of rehab materials required
  • Create the rehab project and assign workers

Tax-iconTax Management for RE Properties

The tax benefits associated with real estate investing are well known and are often the main motivation for people becoming investors in the first place. Asset BI helps investors handle asset specific expenses and income tracking to better assist them during tax season. 1099 management and property tax management support is also provided by Asset BI. Asset BI provides:

  • A comprehensive tax management dashboard
  • Management of the 1099 process send and receipt management
  • Asset-specific income and expense tracking and reporting

meeting minutesBusiness Actions & Events

Suggestive functionality creates calendar and task events for Outlook and Google Calendar based on what the system recommends to the investor. Actions can be driven by important dates associated with contracts, leases, taxes, and other due dates. You can sync your calendar for scheduled events and receive reminders based on the important dates in your real estate portfolio by using Asset BI features that:

  • Sync contacts and calendars
  • Schedule lease renewals
  • To-do / calendar Items
  • Create section 8 Inspection reminders

business-analytics-icon-82Analytic/Reports Functionality

Perhaps the most important functionality a real estate investor needs in order to be successful is a comprehensive analytics and reporting. With Asset BI, the investor has the ability to run analytics and detailed reports when managing rehab and maintenance projects, assets, vendors, finances, and tax, tenant, and rent related issues, through:

  • Asset Specific Reports and Analytics
  • Vendor Specific Reports and Analytics
  • Business Specific Reports and Analytics